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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (c) 2015 National Instruments
* (C) Copyright 2015
* Joe Hershberger <>
#ifndef __ETH_RAW_OS_H
#define __ETH_RAW_OS_H
* struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv - raw socket session
* sd: socket descriptor - the open socket during a session
* device: struct sockaddr_ll - the host interface packets move to/from
* local: 1 or 0 to select the local interface ('lo') or not
* local_bindsd: socket descriptor to prevent the kernel from sending
* a message to the server claiming the port is
* unreachable
* local_bind_udp_port: The UDP port number that we bound to
struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv {
int sd;
void *device;
int local;
int local_bind_sd;
unsigned short local_bind_udp_port;
int sandbox_eth_raw_os_start(const char *ifname, unsigned char *ethmac,
struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv *priv);
int sandbox_eth_raw_os_send(void *packet, int length,
struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv *priv);
int sandbox_eth_raw_os_recv(void *packet, int *length,
const struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv *priv);
void sandbox_eth_raw_os_stop(struct eth_sandbox_raw_priv *priv);
#endif /* __ETH_RAW_OS_H */