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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Test-related constants for sandbox
* Copyright (c) 2014 Google, Inc
#ifndef __ASM_TEST_H
#define __ASM_TEST_H
/* The sandbox driver always permits an I2C device with this address */
#define SANDBOX_I2C_TEST_ADDR 0x59
#define SANDBOX_PCI_VENDOR_ID 0x1234
#define SANDBOX_PCI_DEVICE_ID 0x5678
#define SANDBOX_CLK_RATE 32768
/* System controller driver data */
enum {
SYSCON0 = 32,
* sandbox_i2c_set_test_mode() - set test mode for running unit tests
* See sandbox_i2c_xfer() for the behaviour changes.
* @bus: sandbox I2C bus to adjust
* @test_mode: true to select test mode, false to run normally
void sandbox_i2c_set_test_mode(struct udevice *bus, bool test_mode);
enum sandbox_i2c_eeprom_test_mode {
/* Permits read/write of only one byte per I2C transaction */
void sandbox_i2c_eeprom_set_test_mode(struct udevice *dev,
enum sandbox_i2c_eeprom_test_mode mode);
void sandbox_i2c_eeprom_set_offset_len(struct udevice *dev, int offset_len);
* sandbox_timer_add_offset()
* Allow tests to add to the time reported through lib/time.c functions
* offset: number of milliseconds to advance the system time
void sandbox_timer_add_offset(unsigned long offset);
* sandbox_i2c_rtc_set_offset() - set the time offset from system/base time
* @dev: RTC device to adjust
* @use_system_time: true to use system time, false to use @base_time
* @offset: RTC offset from current system/base time (-1 for no
* change)
* @return old value of RTC offset
long sandbox_i2c_rtc_set_offset(struct udevice *dev, bool use_system_time,
int offset);
* sandbox_i2c_rtc_get_set_base_time() - get and set the base time
* @dev: RTC device to adjust
* @base_time: New base system time (set to -1 for no change)
* @return old base time
long sandbox_i2c_rtc_get_set_base_time(struct udevice *dev, long base_time);
int sandbox_usb_keyb_add_string(struct udevice *dev, const char *str);