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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Written by H. Peter Anvin <>
* Brought in from Linux v4.4 and modified for U-Boot
* From Linux arch/um/sys-i386/setjmp.S
#define _REGPARM
* The jmp_buf is assumed to contain the following, in order:
* %ebx
* %esp
* %ebp
* %esi
* %edi
* <return address>
.align 4
.globl setjmp
.type setjmp, @function
#ifdef _REGPARM
movl %eax, %edx
movl 4(%esp), %edx
popl %ecx /* Return address, and adjust the stack */
xorl %eax, %eax /* Return value */
movl %ebx, (%edx)
movl %esp, 4(%edx) /* Post-return %esp! */
pushl %ecx /* Make the call/return stack happy */
movl %ebp, 8(%edx)
movl %esi, 12(%edx)
movl %edi, 16(%edx)
movl %ecx, 20(%edx) /* Return address */
/* Provide function size if needed */
.size setjmp, .-setjmp
.align 4
.globl longjmp
.type longjmp, @function
#ifdef _REGPARM
xchgl %eax, %edx
movl 4(%esp), %edx /* jmp_ptr address */
movl (%edx), %ebx
movl 4(%edx), %esp
movl 8(%edx), %ebp
movl 12(%edx), %esi
movl 16(%edx), %edi
jmp *20(%edx)
.size longjmp, .-longjmp