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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright (C) 2015, Bin Meng <>
#ifndef _ARCH_IRQ_H_
#define _ARCH_IRQ_H_
#include <dt-bindings/interrupt-router/intel-irq.h>
* Intel interrupt router configuration mechanism
* There are two known ways of Intel interrupt router configuration mechanism
* so far. On most cases, the IRQ routing configuraiton is controlled by PCI
* configuraiton registers on the legacy bridge, normally PCI BDF(0, 31, 0).
* On some newer platforms like BayTrail and Braswell, the IRQ routing is now
* in the IBASE register block where IBASE is memory-mapped.
enum pirq_config {
* Intel interrupt router control block
* Its members' value will be filled in based on device tree's input.
* @link_base: link value base number
* @irq_mask: IRQ mask reprenting the 16 IRQs in 8259, bit N is 1 means
* IRQ N is available to be routed
* @lb_bdf: irq router's PCI bus/device/function number encoding
* @ibase: IBASE register block base address
* @actl_8bit: ACTL register width is 8-bit (for ICH series chipset)
* @actl_addr: ACTL register offset
struct irq_router {
int config;
u32 link_base;
u16 irq_mask;
u32 bdf;
u32 ibase;
bool actl_8bit;
int actl_addr;
struct pirq_routing {
int bdf;
int pin;
int pirq;
/* PIRQ link number and value conversion */
#define LINK_V2N(link, base) (link - base)
#define LINK_N2V(link, base) (link + base)
#define PIRQ_BITMAP 0xdef8
* irq_router_common_init() - Perform common x86 interrupt init
* This creates the PIRQ routing table and routes the IRQs
int irq_router_common_init(struct udevice *dev);
#endif /* _ARCH_IRQ_H_ */