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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright (c) 2015 Gooogle, Inc
* Written by Simon Glass <>
#ifndef _ASM_SIPI_H
#define _ASM_SIPI_H
#define AP_DEFAULT_BASE 0x30000
#define AP_DEFAULT_SIZE 0x10000
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
* struct sipi_params_16bit - 16-bit SIPI entry-point parameters
* These are set up in the same space as the SIPI 16-bit code so that each AP
* can access the parameters when it boots.
* Each of these must be set up for the AP to boot, except @segment which is
* set in the assembly code.
* @ap_start: 32-bit SIPI entry point for U-Boot
* @segment: Code segment for U-Boot
* @pad: Padding (not used)
* @gdt_limit: U-Boot GDT limit (X86_GDT_SIZE - 1)
* @gdt: U-Boot GDT (gd->arch.gdt)
* @unused: Not used
struct __packed sipi_params_16bit {
u32 ap_start;
u16 segment;
u16 pad;
u16 gdt_limit;
u32 gdt;
u16 unused;
* struct sipi_params - 32-bit SIP entry-point parameters
* These are used by the AP init code and must be set up before the APs start.
* The members must match with the sipi_params layout in sipi_vector.S.
* The stack area extends down from @stack_top, with @stack_size allocated
* for each AP.
* @idt_ptr: Interrupt descriptor table pointer
* @stack_top: Top of the AP stack area
* @stack_size: Size of each AP's stack
* @microcode_lock: Used to ensure only one AP loads microcode at once
* 0xffffffff enables parallel loading.
* @microcode_ptr: Pointer to microcode, or 0 if none
* @msr_table_ptr: Pointer to saved MSRs, a list of struct saved_msr
* @msr_count: Number of saved MSRs
* @c_handler: C function to call once early init is complete
* @ap_count: Shared atomic value to allocate CPU indexes
struct sipi_params {
u32 idt_ptr;
u32 stack_top;
u32 stack_size;
u32 microcode_lock;
u32 microcode_ptr;
u32 msr_table_ptr;
u32 msr_count;
u32 c_handler;
atomic_t ap_count;
/* 16-bit AP entry point */
void ap_start16(void);
/* end of 16-bit code/data, marks the region to be copied to SIP vector */
void ap_start16_code_end(void);
/* 32-bit AP entry point */
void ap_start(void);
extern char sipi_params_16bit[];
extern char sipi_params[];
#endif /* __ASSEMBLER__ */