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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Copyright (C) 2015, Bin Meng <>
#ifndef _X86_TABLES_H_
#define _X86_TABLES_H_
#include <tables_csum.h>
#define ROM_TABLE_ALIGN 1024
/* SeaBIOS expects coreboot tables at address range 0x0000-0x1000 */
#define CB_TABLE_ADDR 0x800
* table_compute_checksum() - Compute a table checksum
* This computes an 8-bit checksum for the configuration table.
* All bytes in the configuration table, including checksum itself and
* reserved bytes must add up to zero.
* @v: configuration table base address
* @len: configuration table size
* @return: the 8-bit checksum
u8 table_compute_checksum(void *v, int len);
* table_fill_string() - Fill a string with pad in the configuration table
* This fills a string in the configuration table. It copies number of bytes
* from the source string, and if source string length is shorter than the
* required size to copy, pad the table string with the given pad character.
* @dest: where to fill a string
* @src: where to copy from
* @n: number of bytes to copy
* @pad: character to pad the remaining bytes
void table_fill_string(char *dest, const char *src, size_t n, char pad);
* write_tables() - Write x86 configuration tables
* This writes x86 configuration tables, including PIRQ routing table,
* Multi-Processor table and ACPI table. Whether a specific type of
* configuration table is written is controlled by a Kconfig option.
void write_tables(void);
* write_pirq_routing_table() - Write PIRQ routing table
* This writes PIRQ routing table at a given address.
* @start: start address to write PIRQ routing table
* @return: end address of PIRQ routing table
ulong write_pirq_routing_table(ulong start);
#endif /* _X86_TABLES_H_ */