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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* Taken from Linux v4.9 drivers/of/address.c
* Modified for U-Boot
* Copyright (c) 2017 Google, Inc
#ifndef _DM_OF_ADDR_H
#define _DM_OF_ADDR_H
* of_translate_address() - translate a device-tree address to a CPU address
* Translate an address from the device-tree into a CPU physical address,
* this walks up the tree and applies the various bus mappings on the way.
* Note: We consider that crossing any level with #size-cells == 0 to mean
* that translation is impossible (that is we are not dealing with a value
* that can be mapped to a cpu physical address). This is not really specified
* that way, but this is traditionally the way IBM at least do things
* @np: node to check
* @in_addr: pointer to input address
* @return translated address or OF_BAD_ADDR on error
u64 of_translate_address(const struct device_node *no, const __be32 *in_addr);
* of_get_address() - obtain an address from a node
* Extract an address from a node, returns the region size and the address
* space flags too. The PCI version uses a BAR number instead of an absolute
* index.
* @np: Node to check
* @index: Index of address to read (0 = first)
* @size: place to put size on success
* @flags: place to put flags on success
* @return pointer to address which can be read
const __be32 *of_get_address(const struct device_node *no, int index,
u64 *size, unsigned int *flags);
struct resource;
* of_address_to_resource() - translate device tree address to resource
* Note that if your address is a PIO address, the conversion will fail if
* the physical address can't be internally converted to an IO token with
* pci_address_to_pio(), that is because it's either called to early or it
* can't be matched to any host bridge IO space
* @np: node to check
* @index: index of address to read (0 = first)
* @r: place to put resource information
* @return 0 if OK, -ve on error
int of_address_to_resource(const struct device_node *no, int index,
struct resource *r);