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This file contains information about the cmi board configuration.
Please see cmi_mpc5xx_config for further details. The cmi board is
a customer specific board but should work with small modifications
on every board which has a MPC5xx and either a 28F128J3A,
28F320J3A or 28F640J3A Intel flash mounted.
Board Discription:
* Motorola MPC555
* RS232 connection
* Intel flash 28F640J3A
* Micron SRAM 1M
* Altera PLD
In contrast to the usual boot sequence used in U-Boot, on the
cmi board we don't boot from the external flash directly.
Because of we use a 16-bit flash and don't sample a RCW
from the data bus to set the startup buswidth to 16-bit.
Unfortunatly the default width, sampled from the default RCW
is 32-bit. For this reason we burn the proper RCW into the
internal flash shadow location and boot after power-on or
reset from the internal flash and then branch to 0x02000100
where the U-Boot reset vector handler is located.
Memory Map:
Memory Map after relocation:
0x000F 9FFF
0x0100 0000 CONFIG_SYS_IMMR (Internal memory map base adress)
0x0130 7FFF
0x027C FFFF
0x0300 0000 PLD_BASE
Flash Partition:
0x0200 0000 Block 0 and 1 contain U-Boot except
: environment
0x0201 FFFF
0x0202 0000 Block 2 contains environment (.ppcenv)
0x0202 FFFF
See README file for futher information about U-Boot relocation
and partitioning.
Tested Features:
* U-Boot commands: go, loads, loadb, all memory features, printenv,
setenv, saveenv, protect, erase, fli, bdi, mtest, reset, version,
coninfo, help (see configuration file for available commands)
* Blinking led to indicate boot process
Added or Changed Files: