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List of known bugs (certainly very incomplete)
Time-stamp: <2007-10-27 18:37:51 drepper>
This following list contains those bugs which I'm aware of. Please
make sure that bugs you report are not listed here. If you can fix one
of these bugs/limitations I'll certainly be glad to receive a patch.
Another source of information about bugs is the problem data base of the
GNU project. There is an easy to use WWW interface available at
I would appreciate it very much if you could verify the problem was
not reported before by looking through the database. Before reporting
a bug please check the FAQ since it discusses also a lot of
problematic situations.
Severity: [ *] to [***]
[ **] Closing shared objects in statically linked binaries most of the
times leads to crashes during the dlopen(). Hard to fix.
[ **] The RPC code is not 64 bit clean. This is getting slowly fixed
but expect incompatible changes on 64 bit platforms like Alpha.
[ *] The precision of the `sinhl' and/or `asinhl' function do not seem
to be the best.
[ *] On Linux, there should be a way to prevent defining the symbol
NGROUPS_MAX in the <linux/limits.h> header file. In glibc it
is defined in <posix1_lim.h> which must not make the other
symbols in <linux/limits.h> available.
[PR libc/140]
[ *] The libm-ieee `gamma' function gives wrong results (at least for
[ *] The libm-ieee `scalb' function gives wrong results for
non-integral second parameters.
[ *] Several (most?) collation specifications are broken. The code which
is currently there is in most cases inherited from the originial
author (in case there is a LC_COLLATE specification in the locale
file) or is defined using the default (if iso14651_t1 is included).
In any case we are missing information to correct the specification.
If you find the specification for your language be faulty please
send a report with instruction on what to fix. You don't have to
fix the specification yourself.
The way it finally should look like (if the generic specification
is not correct) can be seen in the sv_SE file. Quite a few changes
on top of the generic specification can be made without duplication
of the whole LC_COLLATE description.
[ *] Some of the functions which also handled IPv6 are currently broken.
IPv6 and IPv4 lookups occasionally happen when not needed. This
happens in getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo(). IPv4 handling of
these functions is OK though and there are patches available to fix
the IPv6 code as well.
Ulrich Drepper