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# This file defines the ABI tag value we will use in the ELF note included
# in the startup code to be linked into every program.
# The following lines list regexps matching canonical configurations, and
# the associated ABI tag values. The entire list is processed, with
# earlier entries taking precedence over later entries. So loose patterns
# at the end of the list can give defaults.
# The ABI tags we use are four 32-bit integers. The first of these
# is the operating-system number, the next three are the revision number
# of the first compatible kernel.
# After the configuration regexp, four integers in C syntax appear
# surrounded by any whitespace or punctuation, one for each byte, MSB first.
# Configuration ABI OS ABI version
# ------------- ------ -----------
.*-.*-linux.* 0 2.0.0 # earliest compatible kernel version
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* 1 0.0.0
.*-sun-solaris2.* 2 2.0.0 # just an arbitrary value
.*-.*-freebsd.*-gnu.* 3 4.0.0 # earliest compatible kernel version
.*-.*-knetbsd.*-gnu.* 4 1.6.0 # earliest compatible kernel version
.*-.*-syllable.* 5 2.0.0 # just an arbitrary value
# There is no catch-all default here because every supported OS that uses
# ELF must have its own unique ABI tag.