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macro-constant SIG_DFL {void(*)(int)}
macro-constant SIG_ERR {void(*)(int)}
#if !defined ISO && !defined ISO99 && !defined ISO11 && !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
macro-constant SIG_HOLD {void(*)(int)}
macro-constant SIG_IGN {void(*)(int)}
type sig_atomic_t
#if !defined ISO && !defined ISO99 && !defined ISO11
type sigset_t
#if !defined ISO && !defined ISO99 && !defined ISO11 && !defined POSIX
type pid_t
#elif defined POSIX
# define pid_t __pid_t
# define uid_t __uid_t
#if defined XOPEN2K8 || defined POSIX2008
type size_t
type pthread_t
type uid_t
type mcontext_t
type ucontext_t
element ucontext_t {ucontext_t*} uc_link
element ucontext_t sigset_t uc_sigmask
element ucontext_t stack_t uc_stack
element ucontext_t mcontext_t uc_mcontext
type {struct timespec}
element {struct timespec} __time_t tv_sec
element {struct timespec} long tv_nsec
#if defined POSIX || defined UNIX98 || defined XOPEN2K8 || defined POSIX2008
element {union sigval} int sival_int
element {union sigval} {void*} sival_ptr
type {struct sigevent}
// Test the elements of the sigevent_t structure.
element {struct sigevent} int sigev_notify
element {struct sigevent} int sigev_signo
element {struct sigevent} {union sigval} sigev_value
element {struct sigevent} {void(*} sigev_notify_function )(union sigval)
element {struct sigevent} {pthread_attr_t*} sigev_notify_attributes
constant SIGEV_NONE
type {union sigval}
macro-int-constant SIGABRT {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGFPE {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGILL {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGINT {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGSEGV {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGTERM {int} > 0
function void (*signal (int, void(*)(int)))(int)
function int raise (int)
#if !defined ISO && !defined ISO99 && !defined ISO11
macro-int-constant SIGALRM {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGHUP {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGIO {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGKILL {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGPIPE {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGQUIT {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGUSR1 {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGUSR2 {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGCHLD {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGCONT {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGSTOP {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGTSTP {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGTTIN {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGTTOU {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGBUS {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGPOLL {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGPROF {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGSYS {int} > 0
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
macro-int-constant SIGTRAP {int} > 0
# endif
macro-int-constant SIGURG {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGVTALRM {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGXCPU {int} > 0
macro-int-constant SIGXFSZ {int} > 0
type {struct sigaction}
element {struct sigaction} {void(*} sa_handler )(int)
element {struct sigaction} sigset_t sa_mask
element {struct sigaction} int sa_flags
element {struct sigaction} {void(*} sa_sigaction )(int, siginfo_t*, void*)
constant SIG_BLOCK
constant SIG_UNBLOCK
constant SIG_SETMASK
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
constant SA_ONSTACK
# endif
# if !defined POSIX
constant SA_RESTART
constant SA_SIGINFO
constant SA_NODEFER
# endif
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
constant SS_ONSTACK
constant SS_DISABLE
constant SIGSTKSZ
# endif
# if !defined POSIX
type ucontext_t
element ucontext_t {ucontext_t*} uc_link
element ucontext_t sigset_t uc_sigmask
element ucontext_t stack_t uc_stack
element ucontext_t mcontext_t uc_mcontext
type stack_t
element stack_t {void*} ss_sp
element stack_t size_t ss_size
element stack_t int ss_flags
type {struct sigstack}
element {struct sigstack} int ss_onstack
element {struct sigstack} {void*} ss_sp
# endif
type siginfo_t
element siginfo_t int si_signo
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
element siginfo_t int si_errno
# endif
element siginfo_t int si_code
element siginfo_t pid_t si_pid
element siginfo_t uid_t si_uid
element siginfo_t {void*} si_addr
element siginfo_t int si_status
element siginfo_t long si_band
element siginfo_t {union sigval} si_value
constant ILL_ILLOPC
constant ILL_ILLOPN
constant ILL_ILLADR
constant ILL_ILLTRP
constant ILL_PRVOPC
constant ILL_PRVREG
constant ILL_COPROC
constant ILL_BADSTK
constant FPE_INTDIV
constant FPE_INTOVF
constant FPE_FLTDIV
constant FPE_FLTOVF
constant FPE_FLTUND
constant FPE_FLTRES
constant FPE_FLTINV
constant FPE_FLTSUB
constant SEGV_MAPERR
constant SEGV_ACCERR
constant BUS_ADRALN
constant BUS_ADRERR
constant BUS_OBJERR
constant TRAP_BRKPT
constant TRAP_TRACE
constant CLD_EXITED
constant CLD_KILLED
constant CLD_DUMPED
constant CLD_TRAPPED
constant CLD_STOPPED
constant POLL_IN
constant POLL_OUT
constant POLL_MSG
constant POLL_ERR
constant POLL_PRI
constant POLL_HUP
constant SI_USER
constant SI_QUEUE
constant SI_TIMER
constant SI_ASYNCIO
constant SI_MESGQ
# if !defined XOPEN2K8 && !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function void (*bsd_signal (int, void(*)(int)))(int)
# endif
function int kill (pid_t, int)
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function int killpg (pid_t, int)
# endif
# if !defined XPG3 && !defined XPG4
function int pthread_kill (pthread_t, int)
function int pthread_sigmask (int, const sigset_t*, sigset_t*)
# endif
function int sigaction (int, const struct sigaction*, struct sigaction*)
function int sigaddset (sigset_t*, int)
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function int sigaltstack (const stack_t*, stack_t*)
# endif
function int sigdelset (sigset_t*, int)
function int sigemptyset (sigset_t*)
function int sigfillset (sigset_t*)
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function int sighold (int)
function int sigignore (int)
function int siginterrupt (int, int)
# endif
function int sigismember (const sigset_t*, int)
#if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function int sigpause (int)
# endif
function int sigpending (sigset_t*)
function int sigprocmask (int, const sigset_t*, sigset_t*)
# if !defined XPG3 && !defined XPG4
function int sigqueue (pid_t, int, const union sigval)
# endif
# if !defined POSIX && !defined POSIX2008
function int sigrelse (int)
function void (*sigset (int, void(*)(int)))(int)
# endif
# if !defined POSIX
function int sigstack (struct sigstack*, struct sigstack*)
# endif
function int sigsuspend (const sigset_t*)
# if !defined XPG3 && !defined XPG4
function int sigtimedwait (const sigset_t*, siginfo_t*, const struct timespec*)
# endif
function int sigwait (const sigset_t*, int*)
# if !defined XPG3 && !defined XPG4
function int sigwaitinfo (const sigset_t*, siginfo_t*)
# endif
# if defined XOPEN2K8 || defined POSIX2008
function void psiginfo (const siginfo_t*, const char*)
function void psignal (int, const char*)
# endif
// The following expressions are not entirely correct but the current
// poorfnmatch implementation doesn't grok the right form.
allow SIG*
allow sa_*
allow uc_*
allow ss_*
allow sv_*
allow si_*
allow SI_*
allow sigev_*
allow SIGEV_*
allow sival_*
allow SA_*
allow BUS_*
allow CLD_*
allow FPE_*
allow ILL_*
allow POLL_*
allow SEGV_*
allow SS_*
allow SV_*
allow TRAP_*
allow *_t
allow-header time.h
allow SIG_*