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/* Finalizer module for ELF shared C library. This provides terminating
null pointer words in the `.ctors' and `.dtors' sections. */
static void (*const __CTOR_END__[1]) (void)
__attribute__ ((used, section (".ctors")))
= { 0 };
static void (*const __DTOR_END__[1]) (void)
__attribute__ ((used, section (".dtors")))
= { 0 };
/* Terminate the frame unwind info section with a 4byte 0 as a sentinel;
this would be the 'length' field in a real FDE. */
typedef unsigned int ui32 __attribute__ ((mode (SI)));
static const ui32 __FRAME_END__[1]
__attribute__ ((used, section (".eh_frame")))
= { 0 };