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The library pays attention to some envariables:
CORESERVER -- Name of core server naming point; falls back to /servers/core
COREFILE -- Name of file to write core dump in; falls back to core
GNUTARGET -- Passed to core server to specify flavor of core dump format
New functions:
int openport (io_t port);
FILE *fopenport (mach_port_t, const char *mode);
file_t getdport (int fd);
task_t pid2task (pid_t);
pid_t task2pid (task_t);
int fchroot (int fd);
mode_t getumask (void);
int getuids (int n, uid_t *uidset);
error_t hurd_path_lookup (file_t root, file_t cwd,
const char *path, int flags, mode_t mode,
file_t *port);
error_t hurd_path_split (file_t root, file_t cwd,
const char *path,
file_t *dir, char **name);
file_t path_lookup (const char *path, int flags, mode_t mode);
file_t path_split (const char *path, char **name);
process_t getproc (void);
int setproc (process_t);
file_t getcrdir (void);
int setcrdir (file_t);
file_t getcwdir (void);
int setcwdir (file_t);
auth_t getauth (void);
int setauth (auth_t); /* Reauthenticates all library ports. */