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libBrokenLocale {
GLIBC_2.0 {
libc {
GLIBC_2.0 {
# global variables
# functions used in inline functions or macros
# l*
# n*
# s*
GLIBC_2.1 {
# functions from the experimental locale implementation
__newlocale; __duplocale; __freelocale;
__isalnum_l; __isalpha_l; __isascii_l; __isblank_l; __iscntrl_l;
__isdigit_l; __isgraph_l; __islower_l; __isprint_l; __ispunct_l;
__isspace_l; __isupper_l; __iswalnum_l; __iswalpha_l; __iswblank_l;
__iswcntrl_l; __iswctype_l; __iswdigit_l; __iswgraph_l; __iswlower_l;
__iswprint_l; __iswpunct_l; __iswspace_l; __iswupper_l; __iswxdigit_l;
__isxdigit_l; __strcasecmp_l; __strcoll_l; __strfmon_l; __strncasecmp_l;
__strtod_l; __strtof_l; __strtol_l; __strtold_l; __strtoll_l; __strtoul_l;
__strtoull_l; __strxfrm_l; __toascii_l; __tolower_l; __toupper_l;
__towctrans_l; __towlower_l; __towupper_l; __wcscasecmp_l; __wcscoll_l;
__wcsncasecmp_l; __wcstod_l; __wcstof_l; __wcstol_l; __wcstold_l;
__wcstoll_l; __wcstoul_l; __wcstoull_l; __wcsxfrm_l; __wctype_l;
GLIBC_2.2 {
# The data structure changed.
# more functions from the experimental locale implementation
# missing function from the experimental locale implementation
GLIBC_2.3 {
# the new "experimental" interface is now public
newlocale; duplocale; freelocale; uselocale;
# this name is used by libstdc++ as well as libpthread
isalnum_l; isalpha_l; isascii_l; isblank_l; iscntrl_l;
isdigit_l; isgraph_l; islower_l; isprint_l; ispunct_l;
isspace_l; isupper_l; iswalnum_l; iswalpha_l; iswblank_l;
iswcntrl_l; iswctype_l; iswdigit_l; iswgraph_l; iswlower_l;
iswprint_l; iswpunct_l; iswspace_l; iswupper_l; iswxdigit_l;
isxdigit_l; strcasecmp_l; strcoll_l; strfmon_l; strncasecmp_l;
strtod_l; strtof_l; strtol_l; strtold_l; strtoul_l;
strxfrm_l; toascii_l; tolower_l; toupper_l;
towctrans_l; towlower_l; towupper_l; wcscasecmp_l; wcscoll_l;
wcsncasecmp_l; wcstod_l; wcstof_l; wcstol_l; wcstold_l;
wcstoll_l; wcstoul_l; wcstoull_l; wcsxfrm_l; wctype_l;
wctrans_l; nl_langinfo_l;
# global variables
__collate_element_hash; __collate_element_strings;
__collate_symbol_classes; __collate_symbol_hash; __collate_symbol_strings;