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libc {
GLIBC_2.0 {
# functions used in inline functions or macros
__isnan; __isnanf; __isnanl; __finite; __finitef; __finitel;
__isinf; __isinff; __isinfl;
# global variables
# c*
copysign; copysignf; copysignl;
# f*
finite; finitef; finitel; frexp; frexpf; frexpl;
# i*
isinf; isinff; isinfl; isnan; isnanf; isnanl; ldexp; ldexpf; ldexpl;
# m*
modf; modff; modfl;
# s*
scalbn; scalbnf; scalbnl;
GLIBC_2.1 {
# functions used in inline functions or macros
__signbit; __signbitf; __signbitl;
# s*
scalbln; scalblnf; scalblnl;
libm {
GLIBC_2.0 {
# mathematical functions
acos; acosf; acosl;
acosh; acoshf; acoshl;
asin; asinf; asinl;
asinh; asinhf; asinhl;
atan2; atan2f; atan2l;
atan; atanf; atanl;
atanh; atanhf; atanhl;
cbrt; cbrtf; cbrtl;
ceil; ceilf; ceill;
copysign; copysignf; copysignl;
cos; cosf; cosl;
coshf; cosh; coshl;
drem; dremf; dreml;
erf; erff; erfl;
erfc; erfcf; erfcl;
exp; expf; expl;
expm1; expm1f; expm1l;
fabs; fabsf; fabsl;
finite; finitef; finitel;
floor; floorf; floorl;
fmod; fmodf; fmodl;
frexp; frexpf; frexpl;
gamma; gammaf; gammal;
gamma_r; gammaf_r; gammal_r;
hypot; hypotf; hypotl;
ilogb; ilogbf; ilogbl;
j0; j0f; j0l;
j1; j1f; j1l;
jn; jnf; jnl;
ldexp; ldexpf; ldexpl;
lgamma; lgammaf; lgammal;
lgamma_r; lgammaf_r; lgammal_r;
log10; log10f; log10l;
log1p; log1pf; log1pl;
log; logf; logl;
logb; logbf; logbl;
modf; modff; modfl;
nextafter; nextafterf; nextafterl;
pow; powf; powl;
remainder; remainderf; remainderl;
rint; rintf; rintl;
scalb; scalbf; scalbl;
scalbn; scalbnf; scalbnl;
significand; significandf; significandl;
sin; sinf; sinl;
sinh; sinhf; sinhl;
sqrt; sqrtf; sqrtl;
tan; tanf; tanl;
tanh; tanhf; tanhl;
y0; y0f; y0l;
y1; y1f; y1l;
yn; ynf; ynl;
# global variables
_LIB_VERSION; signgam;
GLIBC_2.1 {
# mathematical functions
exp2; exp2f; # exp2l; -- bug omitted this until GLIBC_2.4 (below)
exp10; exp10f; exp10l;
fdim; fdimf; fdiml;
fma; fmaf; fmal;
fmax; fmaxf; fmaxl;
fmin; fminf; fminl;
log2; log2f; log2l;
nan; nanf; nanl;
nearbyint; nearbyintf; nearbyintl;
nexttoward; nexttowardf; nexttowardl;
pow10; pow10f; pow10l;
remquo; remquof; remquol;
lrint; lrintf; lrintl;
llrint; llrintf; llrintl;
round; roundf; roundl;
lround; lroundf; lroundl;
llround; llroundf; llroundl;
scalbln; scalblnf; scalblnl;
sincos; sincosf; sincosl;
trunc; truncf; truncl;
tgamma; tgammaf; tgammal;
# complex functions
cabs; cabsf; cabsl;
cacos; cacosf; cacosl;
cacosh; cacoshf; cacoshl;
carg; cargf; cargl;
casin; casinf; casinl;
casinh; casinhf; casinhl;
catan; catanf; catanl;
catanh; catanhf; catanhl;
ccos; ccosf; ccosl;
ccosh; ccoshf; ccoshl;
cexp; cexpf; cexpl;
cimag; cimagf; cimagl;
clog; clogf; clogl;
clog10; clog10f; clog10l;
__clog10; __clog10f; __clog10l;
conj; conjf; conjl;
cpow; cpowf; cpowl;
cproj; cprojf; cprojl;
creal; crealf; creall;
csin; csinf; csinl;
csinh; csinhf; csinhl;
csqrt; csqrtf; csqrtl;
ctan; ctanf; ctanl;
ctanh; ctanhf; ctanhl;
# fp environment functions
feclearexcept; fegetenv; fegetexceptflag;
fegetround; feholdexcept; feraiseexcept;
fesetenv; fesetexceptflag; fesetround;
fetestexcept; feupdateenv;
# functions used in inline functions or macros
__finite; __finitef; __finitel;
__fpclassify; __fpclassifyf; __fpclassifyl;
__signbit; __signbitf; __signbitl;
GLIBC_2.2 {
# fp environment functions changes from ISO C99 TR1
feclearexcept; fegetenv; fegetexceptflag; feraiseexcept;
fesetenv; fesetexceptflag; feupdateenv;
# fp environment function
feenableexcept; fedisableexcept; fegetexcept;
GLIBC_2.4 {
# A bug in sysdeps/generic/w_exp2.c kept this from appearing
# in GLIBC_2.1 as it should have on platforms using that
# implementation file. On others, sysdeps/CPU/Versions now
# puts exp2l in GLIBC_2.1, which will override this entry.
GLIBC_2.15 {
# Optimized -ffinite-math-only entry points
__acos_finite; __acosf_finite; __acosl_finite;
__acosh_finite; __acoshf_finite; __acoshl_finite;
__asin_finite; __asinf_finite; __asinl_finite;
__atan2_finite; __atan2f_finite; __atan2l_finite;
__atanh_finite; __atanhf_finite; __atanhl_finite;
__cosh_finite; __coshf_finite; __coshl_finite;
__exp10_finite; __exp10f_finite; __exp10l_finite;
__exp2_finite; __exp2f_finite; __exp2l_finite;
__fmod_finite; __fmodf_finite; __fmodl_finite;
__hypot_finite; __hypotf_finite; __hypotl_finite;
__j0_finite; __j0f_finite; __j0l_finite;
__y0_finite; __y0f_finite; __y0l_finite;
__j1_finite; __j1f_finite; __j1l_finite;
__y1_finite; __y1f_finite; __y1l_finite;
__jn_finite; __jnf_finite; __jnl_finite;
__yn_finite; __ynf_finite; __ynl_finite;
__lgamma_r_finite; __lgammaf_r_finite; __lgammal_r_finite;
__log_finite; __logf_finite; __logl_finite;
__log10_finite; __log10f_finite; __log10l_finite;
__log2_finite; __log2f_finite; __log2l_finite;
__pow_finite; __powf_finite; __powl_finite;
__remainder_finite; __remainderf_finite; __remainderl_finite;
__scalb_finite; __scalbf_finite; __scalbl_finite;
__sinh_finite; __sinhf_finite; __sinhl_finite;
__sqrt_finite; __sqrtf_finite; __sqrtl_finite;
__gamma_r_finite; __gammaf_r_finite; __gammal_r_finite;
__exp_finite; __expf_finite; __expl_finite;
GLIBC_2.18 {
__issignaling; __issignalingf; __issignalingl;