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# This file defines the shared library version numbers we will install.
# The following lines list filename patterns matching canonical configurations,
# and the associated versions to use for various libraries. The entire
# list is processed, with earlier entries taking precedence over later
# entries. So loose patterns at the end of the list can give defaults.
# This file can use cpp-style conditionals starting with % instead of #
# to test the symbols defined in config.h by configure.
# In the optional third column, there can one or more symbol set names
# listed, which must be in ascending version order reading left to right
# and must appear in this same order in the Versions.def file. Each listed
# version subsumes all prior versions back to the previous listed version.
# An entry with DEFAULT in the second column gives a default third column
# to apply on matching configurations when the matching entry for a particular
# library has no third column. The defaults must precede the entries they
# apply to.
# Configuration DEFAULT Earliest symbol set
# ------------- --------------- ------------------------------
s390x-.*-linux.* DEFAULT GLIBC_2.2
powerpc64-.*-linux.* DEFAULT GLIBC_2.3
powerpc.*le-.*-linux.* DEFAULT GLIBC_2.17
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* DEFAULT GLIBC_2.2.6
# Configuration ABI Identifier for ABI data files
# ------------- ---------- -----------------------------
sparc64.*-.*-.* ABI sparc64-@OS@
sparc.*-.*-.* ABI sparc-@OS@
# Configuration Library=version Earliest symbol set (optional)
# ------------- --------------- ------------------------------
# The interface to -lm depends mostly only on cpu, not on operating system.
sparc64.*-.*-linux.* libm=6 GLIBC_2.2
sh.*-.*-linux.* libm=6 GLIBC_2.2
.*-.*-linux.* libm=6
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* libm=6
# We provide for Linux kernel versions 2.0 and later.
sh.*-.*-linux.* libc=6 GLIBC_2.2
sparc64.*-.*-linux.* libc=6 GLIBC_2.2
.*-.*-linux.* libc=6
# corresponds to mach/*.defs as of Utah's UK22 release.
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* libmachuser=1
# corresponds to hurd/*.defs as of 11 June 2002.
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* libhurduser=0.3
# is the first Hurd libc using libio.
.*-.*-gnu-gnu.* libc=0.3
# The dynamic loader also requires different names.
sparc64.*-.*-linux.* GLIBC_2.2
sh.*-.*-linux.* GLIBC_2.2
# We use the ELF ABI standard name for the default.
# The -ldl interface (see <dlfcn.h>) is the same on all platforms.
.*-.*-.* libdl=2
# So far the -lutil interface is the same on all platforms, except for the
# `struct utmp' format, which depends on libc.
.*-.*-.* libutil=1
# Version number 2 is used on other systems for the BIND 4.9.5 resolver
# interface.
.*-.*-.* libresolv=2
# Interface revision of nss_* modules. This must match NSS_SHLIB_REVISION
# in nss/nsswitch.h, which determines the library names used for service
# names given in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
.*-.*-.* libnss_files=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_dns=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_compat=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_nis=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_nisplus=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_ldap=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_hesiod=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_db=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_borg=2
.*-.*-.* libnss_cache=2
# Tests for NSS. They must have the same NSS_SHLIB_REVISION number as
# the rest.
.*-.*-.* libnss_test1=2
# Version for libnsl with YP and NIS+ functions.
.*-.*-.* libnsl=1
# This defines the shared library version numbers we will install.
.*-.*-.* libcrypt=1
# The gross patch for programs assuming broken locale implementations.
sh.*-.*-.* libBrokenLocale=1 GLIBC_2.2
sparc64.*-.*-.* libBrokenLocale=1 GLIBC_2.2
.*-.*-.* libBrokenLocale=1
# The real-time library from POSIX.1b.
.*-.*-.* librt=1
# The asynchronous name lookup library.
.*-.*-.* libanl=1
# This defines the libgcc soname version this glibc is to load for
# asynchronous cancellation to work correctly.
.*-.*-.* libgcc_s=1