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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.bluetooth.le;
using fuchsia.bluetooth;
using fuchsia.bluetooth.gatt;
protocol Central {
/// Returns the list of peripherals that are known to the system from previous scan, connection,
/// and/or bonding procedures. The results can be filtered based on service UUIDs that are known to
/// be present on the peripheral.
/// This method only returns peripherals (i.e. connectable devices).
GetPeripherals(vector<string>? service_uuids) -> (vector<RemoteDevice> peripherals);
/// Returns information about a single peripheral that is known to the system from previous scan,
/// connection, and/or bonding procedures based on its unique identifier. Returns null if
/// `identifier` is not recognized.
GetPeripheral(string identifier) -> (RemoteDevice? peripheral);
/// Initiates a scan session for nearby peripherals and broadcasters. Discovered devices will be
/// reported via CentralDelegate.OnDeviceDiscovered(). If a scan session is already in progress,
/// `filter` will replace the existing session's filter.
/// If `filter` is null or empty (i.e. none of its fields has been populated) then the delegate
/// will be notified for all discoverable devices that are found. This is not recommended; clients
/// should generally filter results by at least one of `filter.service_uuids`,
/// `filter.service_data`, and/or `filter.manufacturer_identifier`.
StartScan(ScanFilter? filter) -> (fuchsia.bluetooth.Status status);
/// Terminate a previously started scan session.
/// Creates a connection to the peripheral device with the given identifier.
/// Returns the status of the operation in `status`.
/// On success, `gatt_client` will be bound and can be used for GATT client
/// role procedures. On failure, `gatt_client` will be closed and `status` will
/// indicate an error.
ConnectPeripheral(string identifier, ConnectionOptions options,
request<fuchsia.bluetooth.gatt.Client> gatt_client)
-> (fuchsia.bluetooth.Status status);
/// Disconnects this Central's connection to the peripheral with the given identifier.
DisconnectPeripheral(string identifier) -> (fuchsia.bluetooth.Status status);
/// Called when the scan state changes, e.g. when a scan session terminates due to a call to
/// Central.StopScan() or another unexpected condition.
-> OnScanStateChanged(bool scanning);
/// Called for each peripheral/broadcaster that is discovered during a scan session. `rssi`
/// contains the received signal strength of the advertising packet that generated this event, if
/// available.
-> OnDeviceDiscovered(RemoteDevice device);
/// Called when this Central's connection to a peripheral with the given identifier is terminated.
-> OnPeripheralDisconnected(string identifier);