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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.camera2.hal;
using fuchsia.camera2;
using fuchsia.sysmem;
using zx;
/// Maximum number of configurations per device.
const uint64 MAX_CONFIGURATIONS = 256;
/// Maximum number of streams per config.
const uint64 MAX_STREAMS = 64;
/// Represents one stream within a particular configuration.
struct StreamConfig {
fuchsia.camera2.FrameRate frame_rate;
/// `constraints` should allow for all the image formats listed in image_formats.
fuchsia.sysmem.BufferCollectionConstraints constraints;
/// Properties of the stream:
fuchsia.camera2.StreamProperties properties;
/// We need to specify both the constraints & the image formats because
/// there are fixed set of resolutions supported by the Camera Controller
/// so a range within the `constraints` won't be sufficient.
/// Some streams support multiple resolutions for same configuration
/// We would need to change the resolution runtime, without stopping the
/// streaming. This provides a list of resolutions a stream would be providing.
/// At least one format must be provided.
vector<fuchsia.sysmem.ImageFormat_2>:fuchsia.camera2.MAX_IMAGE_FORMATS image_formats;
/// Represents one configuration
struct Config {
// One configuration could have multiple streams.
vector<StreamConfig>:MAX_STREAMS stream_configs;
/// This is the interface to the camera driver
/// which allows setting up a given configuration
/// and setting up a stream.
protocol Controller {
// TODO(48707): Change to GetConfig() which returns a single configuration instead
/// of a vector of Configs.
/// Get an available configurations which the camera driver supports.
/// Clients need to keep calling GetConfigs() to get all available configurations.
/// Returns |nullptr| if no new configurations are supported.
GetConfigs() -> (vector<Config>:MAX_CONFIGURATIONS? configs, zx.status status);
/// Set a particular configuration and create the requested stream.
/// `config_index` : Configuration index from the vector which needs to be applied.
/// `stream_index` : Stream index from the vector of streams provided within a config.
/// `buffer_collection` : Buffer collections for the stream.
/// `stream` : Stream channel for the stream requested
/// `image_format_index` : Image format index which needs to be set up upon creation.
/// If there is already an active configuration which is different than the one
/// which is requested to be set, then the HAL will be closing all existing streams
/// and honor this new setup call.
/// If the new stream requested is already part of the existing running configuration
/// the HAL will just be creating this new stream while the other stream still exists as is.
CreateStream(uint32 config_index,
uint32 stream_index,
uint32 image_format_index,
fuchsia.sysmem.BufferCollectionInfo_2 buffer_collection,
request<fuchsia.camera2.Stream> stream);
/// Enable/Disable Streaming
// Get identifying information about the device:
GetDeviceInfo() -> (fuchsia.camera2.DeviceInfo info);