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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using zx;
/// Manages sources on behalf of a Player.
protocol SourceManager {
/// Creates a source that reads from a file.
CreateFileSource(handle<channel> file_channel,
request<Source> source_request);
/// Creates a source that reads from a `SeekingReader`.
CreateReaderSource(SeekingReader seeking_reader,
request<Source> source_request);
/// Creates a source that allows the client to provide independent elementary
/// streams to the player. duration_ns, can_pause, can_seek and metadata are
/// all included in the SourceStatus and, when the `ElementarySource` is used by
/// the player, in the `PlayerStatus` as well. `can_pause` and `can_seek`, when
/// false, constrain the capabilities of the player.
CreateElementarySource(zx.duration duration_ns, bool can_pause, bool can_seek, metadata,
request<ElementarySource> source_request);
/// Sets the source for this player to use. If source is null, the player
/// becomes idle.
SetSource(Source? source);
/// Transitions to the specified source when playback of the current source
/// reaches transition_pts. The new source starts playback at start_pts. If
/// a transition is already pending, it will be discarded in favor of the new
/// transition.
TransitionToSource(Source source, int64 transition_pts,
int64 start_pts);
/// Cancels a pending transition, returning the source. If no transition is
/// pending, the request channel is closed.
CancelSourceTransition(request<Source> returned_source_request);
/// A source of content that may be used by a player.
protocol Source {
// Provides current status immediately after binding and whenever status
// changes thereafter.
-> OnStatusChanged(SourceStatus source_status);
/// `Source` variant for providing elementary streams directly to the player.
protocol ElementarySource {
compose Source;
/// Adds an elementary stream. The elementary stream can be removed by
/// closing the `SimpleStreamSink`. `ticks_per_second_numerator` and
/// `ticks_per_second_denominator` indicate the units that will be used for
/// `Streampacket` timestamp values. For nanoseconds units, for example,
/// `ticks_per_second_numerator` should be 1000000000 and
/// `ticks_per_second_denominator` should be 1. To use units of frames for
/// 48k audio, `ticks_per_second_numerator` should be 48000 and
/// `ticks_per_second_denominator` should be 1.
// SimpleStreamSink methods not currently implemented:
// DiscardAllPackets
// DiscardAllPacketsNoReply
AddStream( type,
uint32 ticks_per_second_numerator,
uint32 ticks_per_second_denominator,
request<> sink_request);
/// Adds a new binding to this `ElementarySource`. By using this method,
/// the client can obtain an additional channel through which to communicate
/// to this `ElementarySource` even after a channel is consumed by a call to
/// `SourceManager.SetSource`.
// This method is implemented, however a limitation in the current
// implementation requires that the StreamSource handle passed to
// SourceManager.SetSource be created from the connection established by the
// original CreateStreamSource call. That is, a connection established
// using AddBinding cannot be passed to SourceManager.SetSource.
// TODO(dalesat): Remove this limitation.
AddBinding(request<ElementarySource> source_request);
/// Source status information.
struct SourceStatus {
/// Duration of the content.
zx.duration duration;
/// Whether the source can pause.
bool can_pause;
/// Whether the source can seek.
bool can_seek;
/// Whether the source has an audio stream.
bool has_audio;
/// Whether the source has a video stream.
bool has_video;
/// Indicates whether the source is ready. A true value signals that the
/// content has been probed and there are no known problems with it.
bool ready;
/// Describes the media. metadata;
/// Indicates a problem preventing intended operation. A null value
/// indicates that the source is functioning as intended.
Problem? problem;