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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.web;
using fuchsia.mem;
using fuchsia.ui.gfx;
using fuchsia.ui.views;
// TODO(fxb/29927): Consider using [`fuchsia.logger.LogLevelFilter`] if possible.
enum ConsoleLogLevel : int32 {
/// No logging.
NONE = 100;
/// Outputs messages from `console.debug()` and above levels.
DEBUG = -1;
/// Outputs messages from `console.log()`, `` and above levels.
INFO = 0;
/// Outputs messages from `console.warn()` and `console.error()`.
WARN = 1;
/// Outputs messages from `console.error()`.
ERROR = 2;
/// Identifies the types of input events which may be handled by a View.
bits InputTypes : uint64 {
/// Keyboard events.
KEY = 0x1;
/// Mouse button events, for any button.
/// Mouse scroll wheel events.
/// Mouse movement events.
/// Single tapping with one finger.
/// Pinching (for zooming).
/// Dragging a finger (for scrolling).
/// Matches all input types.
ALL = 0x8000000000000000;
/// Controls whether ConfigureInputTypes() should allow or deny processing of
/// the specified [`fuchsia.web.InputTypes`].
enum AllowInputState : int32 {
ALLOW = 1;
DENY = 2;
/// Represents the return status of a [`fuchsia.web.Frame`] method.
enum FrameError : int32 {
/// An internal error occured.
/// The provided buffer is not UTF-8 encoded.
/// The Frame's URL does not match any of the origins provided by the caller.
/// The required `data` property is missing from a [`fuchsia.web.WebMessage`].
/// Identifies a type of permission that may be granted to a web origin.
enum PermissionType : uint16 {
/// Permission to access microphone(s).
/// Permission to access camera(s).
/// Permission to use device identifier(s) for EME.
/// Permission to use persistent storage.
/// Describes a web permission. In the future, it may be extended with
/// type-specific fields.
table PermissionDescriptor {
1: PermissionType type;
/// A state for a web permission.
enum PermissionState : uint8 {
/// Permission is denied.
/// Permission is granted.
protocol Frame {
/// Creates a new view using the specified `view_token`. Caller should pass the other end of
/// the token to [`fuchsia.ui.gfx.ViewHolderArgs/token`] to attach the new view to a view tree.
/// - `view_token`: Token for the new view.
CreateView(fuchsia.ui.views.ViewToken view_token);
/// Enables headless rendering of the Frame.
/// This is used when content depends on layout and/or animation events firing normally.
/// May only be used on a Context created with the `HEADLESS` feature flag.
/// Stops headless rendering of the Frame.
/// May only be used on a Context created with the `HEADLESS` feature flag.
/// Returns a [``] interface through which media (i.e.
/// video/audio) playback in the frame may be observed, and/or controlled. Only one
/// [``] may be active at a time, for each [`fuchsia.web.Frame`].
GetMediaPlayer(request<> player);
/// Returns an interface through which the [`fuchsia.web.Frame`] may be navigated to a desired
/// URL, reloaded, etc.
/// - `controller`: An asynchronous interface request for the [`fuchsia.web.Frame`]'s
/// [`fuchsia.web.NavigationController`].
GetNavigationController(request<NavigationController> controller);
/// Executes a UTF-8 encoded `script` in the [`fuchsia.web.Frame`] if the
/// [`fuchsia.web.Frame`]'s URL has an origin which matches entries in `origins`.
/// At least one `origins` entry must be specified. If a wildcard `"*"` is specified in
/// `origins`, then the script will be evaluated unconditionally.
/// Returns the result of executing `script`, as a JSON-encoded string.
/// Note that scripts share the same execution context as the document,
/// meaning that document may modify variables, classes, or objects set by
/// the script in arbitrary or unpredictable ways.
/// If an error occured, the FrameError will be set to one of these values:
/// - `BUFFER_NOT_UTF8`: `script` is not UTF-8 encoded.
/// - `INVALID_ORIGIN`: The [`fuchsia.web.Frame`]'s current URL does not match any of the
/// values in `origins` or `origins` is an empty vector.
// TODO( Investigate if we can run the scripts in isolated JS worlds.
vector<Url> origins,
fuchsia.mem.Buffer script)
-> (fuchsia.mem.Buffer result) error FrameError;
/// Variant of [`fuchsia.web.Frame/ExecuteJavaScript`] which executes the supplied script
/// without returning a result.
vector<Url> origins,
fuchsia.mem.Buffer script)
-> () error FrameError;
/// Executes a UTF-8 encoded `script` for every subsequent page load where the
/// [`fuchsia.web.Frame`]'s URL has an origin reflected in `origins`. The script is executed
/// early, prior to the execution of the document's scripts.
/// Scripts are identified by a client-managed identifier `id`. Any script previously injected
/// using the same `id` will be replaced.
/// The order in which multiple bindings are executed is the same as the order in which the
/// bindings were added. If a script is added which clobbers an existing script of the same
/// `id`, the previous script's precedence in the injection order will be preserved.
/// At least one `origins` entry must be specified. If a wildcard `"*"` is specified in
/// `origins`, then the script will be evaluated unconditionally.
/// If an error occured, the [`fuchsia.web.FrameError`] will be set to one of these values:
/// - `BUFFER_NOT_UTF8`: `script` is not UTF-8 encoded.
/// - `INVALID_ORIGIN`: `origins` is an empty vector.
uint64 id,
vector<Url> origins,
fuchsia.mem.Buffer script)
-> () error FrameError;
/// Removes a previously added JavaScript snippet identified by `id`. This is a no-op if there
/// is no JavaScript snippet identified by `id`.
RemoveBeforeLoadJavaScript(uint64 id);
/// Posts a message to the frame's onMessage handler.
/// `target_origin` restricts message delivery to the specified origin. If `target_origin` is
/// `"*"`, then the message will be sent to the document regardless of its origin.
/// See the
/// [](HTML spec)
/// section 9.4.3 for more details on how the target origin policy is applied.
/// If an error occured, the [`fuchsia.web.FrameError`] will be set to one of these values:
/// - `INTERNAL_ERROR`: The WebEngine failed to create a message pipe.
/// - `BUFFER_NOT_UTF8`: The script in `message`'s `data` property is not UTF-8 encoded.
/// - `INVALID_ORIGIN`: `origins` is an empty vector.
/// - `NO_DATA_IN_MESSAGE`: The `data` property is missing in `message`.
PostMessage(Url target_origin, WebMessage message)
-> () error FrameError;
/// Sets the listener for handling page navigation events.
/// - `listener`: The observer to use. Unregisters any existing listener is null.
SetNavigationEventListener(NavigationEventListener? listener);
/// If set to a value other than [`fuchsia.web.ConsoleLogLevel/NONE`], allows web content to
/// log messages to the system logger using the console APIs (`debug()`, `log()`, `info()`,
/// `warn()` and `error()`).
/// The default value is [`fuchsia.web.ConsoleLogLevel/NONE`].
/// As the system log may be persisted, it is recommended that
/// [`fuchsia.web.ConsoleLogLevel/NONE`] be used in Incognito and other private browsing modes.
/// When logged to the system logger:
/// - `debug()`, `log()` and `info()` logs are logged with
/// [`fuchsia.logger.LogLevelFilter/INFO`] severity level.
/// - `warn()` logs are logged with [`fuchsia.logger.LogLevelFilter/WARNING`] severity level.
/// - `error()` logs are logged with [`fuchsia.logger.LogLevelFilter/ERROR`] severity level.
SetJavaScriptLogLevel(ConsoleLogLevel level);
[Transitional, Deprecated]
SetEnableInput(bool enable_input);
/// Enables or disables the processing of the specified `types` of user inputs.
/// `enable` specifies whether to enable or disable the specified `types`.
/// All input types are enabled by default.
ConfigureInputTypes(InputTypes types, AllowInputState allow);
/// Sets the listener for handling popup frame opened by web content. If no listener is
/// present, then any new popup frame will be blocked.
/// - `listener`: The listener to use. Unregisters any existing listener if null.
SetPopupFrameCreationListener(PopupFrameCreationListener? listener);
/// Supplies a set of [`fuchsia.web.UrlRequestRewriteRule`] to apply on every subsequent URL
/// request.
/// - `rules` are cumulative and applied in order.
/// - `rules` will be validated before being applied. If `rules` are invalid, the
/// [`fuchsia.web.Frame`] will be closed with `ERR_INVALID_ARGS`.
/// - [`fuchsia.web.Frame/SetUrlRequestRewriteRules`] must not be called again until its
/// acknowledgement callback has been processed. If this happens, the [`fuchsia.web.Frame`]
/// will be closed with `ERR_BAD_STATE`.
SetUrlRequestRewriteRules(vector<UrlRequestRewriteRule>:MAX_RULE_COUNT rules) -> ();
/// Sets `session_id` to pass to the [``] when playing audio. The
/// specified value is not applied retroactively to audio streams that were started before this
/// message is processed. If the caller needs to ensure the value is applied to all streams it
/// should call this method before [`fuchsia.web.Frame/GetNavigationController`].
SetMediaSessionId(uint64 session_id);
/// Overrides the dimensions reported to web content. The devicePixelRatio reported to
/// web content will be adjusted in response to changes in the pixel size of the View,
/// rather than changing the size reported to the content. Call with null `web_dips` to
/// remove any prior forced content dimensions.
ForceContentDimensions(fuchsia.ui.gfx.vec2? web_dips);
/// Sets the permission state for the specified `permission` and `web_origin`. By default, all
/// permissions are denied.
SetPermissionState(PermissionDescriptor permission,
Url web_origin,
PermissionState state);
/// Sets whether to block all HTMLMediaElements in the frame from fetching and loading media
/// resources.
/// May be used, for example, to prevent loading media in frames that are not visible.
/// While media loading is blocked, elements with `autoplay` set to `true` will not start
/// playback. The promises returned by calls to `play()` will remain unresolved until loading is
/// unblocked by a call to this method.
/// When media loading is unblocked, elements will begin fetching, resource, loading, and
/// playing as appropriate.
/// Any elements that have begun fetching or loading media resources for the current source
/// before media loading was blocked will continue to fetch, load, and start playback as
/// appropriate. This includes calls to `play()` even after media loading is blocked.
SetBlockMediaLoading(bool blocked);
table WebMessage {
/// The message payload, encoded as an UTF-8 string. This is a required property.
1: fuchsia.mem.Buffer data;
/// Optional list of objects transferred into the [`fuchsia.web.MessagePort`] from the FIDL
/// client.
2: vector<IncomingTransferable> incoming_transfer;
/// Optional list of objects transferred out of the [`fuchsia.web.MessagePort`] to the FIDL
/// client.
3: vector<OutgoingTransferable> outgoing_transfer;
flexible union OutgoingTransferable {
1: request<MessagePort> message_port;
flexible union IncomingTransferable {
1: MessagePort message_port;
/// Represents one end of an HTML5 MessageChannel. Can be used to send and exchange Messages with
/// the peered MessagePort in the Frame's script context. The port is destroyed when either end of
/// the MessagePort channel is torn down.
protocol MessagePort {
/// Sends a [`fuchsia.web.WebMessage`] to the peer. These are processed in order, one at a
/// time. It is not necessary for the caller to wait for the completion callback before calling
/// [`fuchsia.web.MessagePort/PostMessage`] again.
/// If an error occured, the [`fuchsia.web.FrameError`] will be set to one of these value:
/// - `BUFFER_NOT_UTF8`: The script in `message`'s `data` property is not UTF-8 encoded.
/// - `NO_DATA_IN_MESSAGE`: The `data` property is missing in `message`.
PostMessage(WebMessage message) -> () error FrameError;
/// Asynchronously reads the next message from the channel. The client should invoke the
/// callback when it is ready to process another message. Unreceived messages are buffered
/// on the sender's side and bounded by its available resources.
ReceiveMessage() -> (WebMessage message);
/// Specifies additional information about a newly created popup frame.
table PopupFrameCreationInfo {
/// The URL to which the popup frame was initially navigated.
1: Url initial_url;
/// Set if the popup frame was created in response to UI interaction from the user (e.g. a
/// link was clicked).
2: bool initiated_by_user;
protocol PopupFrameCreationListener {
/// Called when a [`fuchsia.web.Frame`] has created a new popup `frame`. Information about the
/// popup frame, and how it was created, is provided via `info`. Additional popup frames are
/// delivered after the the acknowledgement callback is invoked.
OnPopupFrameCreated(Frame frame, PopupFrameCreationInfo info) -> ();