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The prerequisites for running this script are assured by, which is automatically invoked by
In this file user is able to generate their own set of test files by altering
the default set of TEST_FILES_SIZES variable.
The would generate test images only if they are not
already generated.
On the target device, environment variable "dfu_alt_info" must contain at
dfu_test.bin fat 0 6;dfudummy.bin fat 0 6
Depending on your device, you may need to replace "fat" with
"ext4", and "6" with the relevant partition number. For reference please
consult the config file for TRATS/TRATS2 devices
One can use fat, ext4 or any other supported file system supported by U-Boot.
These can be created by exporting storage devices via UMS (ums 0 mmc 0) and
using standard tools on host (like mkfs.ext4).
Example usage:
1. On the target:
setenv dfu_alt_info dfu_test.bin fat 0 6\;dfudummy.bin fat 0 6
dfu 0 mmc 0
2. On the host:
test/dfu/ X Y [test file name]
e.g. test/dfu/ 0 1
e.g. test/dfu/ 0 1 ./dat_960.img
... where X and Y are dfu_test.bin's and dfudummy.bin's alt setting numbers.
They can be obtained from dfu-util -l or $dfu_alt_info.
It is also possible to pass optional [test file name] to force the script to
test one particular file.